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Our Expertise

Oncology Focused Science Meets the Spirit of Exploration

Oncology-Focused Accelerating Therapeutic Possibilities


At the core of our focus, lies a deep understanding of the complexities that govern central mediators and internal pathways in the field of oncology. In the complex landscape of oncology, we are accelerating the development of product candidates in our pursuit of cutting-edge treatments. Guided by a commitment to expand what is therapeutically possible, our efforts are focused on breakthrough treatments for cancer and its related conditions.  


Our expertise in the dynamic intersection of oncology and drug development is prominently demonstrated through our pioneering work with pamrevlumab, roxadustat, FG-3246, and other early-stage pipeline candidates.


Pamrevlumab – Human Monoclonal Antibody Against Connective Tissue Growth Factor for Pancreatic Cancer


Pamrevlumab, a potential first-in-class fully human monoclonal antibody, reflects our commitment to advancing innovative solutions in cancer therapy. By specifically targeting connective tissue growth factor (CTGF), which is a factor that has elevated expression in pancreatic cancer and other cancer types, pamrevlumab with multiple effects on pancreatic tumors, offers a potential novel therapeutic option in pancreatic cancer.


Roxadustat – HIF-PH Inhibitor for Chemotherapy-Induced Anemia


Simultaneously, our dedication to addressing cancer and cancer-related conditions is exemplified by the acceptance of a supplemental new drug application by the Chinese Health Authority for roxadustat for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced anemia, our first-in-class HIF-PH inhibitor that promotes erythropoiesis, or red blood cell production. Roxadustat is approved in China, Europe, Japan, and numerous other countries for the treatment of anemia of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in adult patients on dialysis (DD) and not on dialysis (NDD).

FG-3246 – Fully Human Antibody-Drug Conjugate for Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

FG-3246, our potential first-in-class fully human antibody-drug conjugate (ADC), demonstrates our ability to take a targeted and precision approach, aiming to address specific molecular pathways implicated in castrate-resistant prostate cancer. These therapeutic advancements underscore our multidimensional approach, combining molecular insights with strategic drug development to propel the field of oncology toward more personalized and effective treatments for individuals facing the challenges of cancer.

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