Thomas B. Neff
Chairman, Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Karen L. Bergman
Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

Chris Chung
Vice President, China Operations

Pat Cotroneo
Vice President, Finance, and Chief Financial Officer

Richard Farley
Vice President, Human Resources

R. Wayne Frost, PharmD
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

M. Sean Healy, PhD
Vice President, Quality

Elias Kouchakji, MD
Vice President, Clinical Development and Drug Safety

Al Lin, MD, PhD
Vice President, Drug Development

Michael D. Lowenstein
Chief Legal Counsel

Michael Martinelli, PhD
Vice President, Technical Development

James W. Polarek, PhD
Vice President, Protein Therapeutics and Collagen Development

Seth Porter, PhD
Vice President, Fibrosis Therapeutics

Leanne C. Price
Chief Intellectual Property Counsel

K. Peony Yu, MD
Chief Medical Officer


Thomas B. Neff
Chairman, Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Jeffrey L. Edwards
Former Executive Vice President, Finance and Business Development & CFO of Allergan, Inc.

Jeffrey W. Henderson
Former CFO of Cardinal Health

Thomas F. Kearns Jr
Lead Independent Director, FibroGen, Inc.; Retired Partner, Bear, Stearns & Co., Inc.

Kalevi Kurkijärvi, PhD
Executive Chairman, Owner Innomedica Ltd.; Former Chairman & CEO, Co-Founder Bio Fund Management Oy

Rory B. Riggs
Managing Member, Balfour LLC; Former President and Director, Biomatrix, Inc.

Roberto Pedro Rosenkranz, PhD, MBA
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ROXRO PHARMA, Inc.; Director, Pherin Pharmaceuticals

Jorma Routti, PhD
Chairman of the Board of Directors, FibroGen Europe, Former Director General of the Directorate of Science, Research and Development of the European Commission

James A. Schoeneck
Former President and CEO, Depomed, Inc.

Toshinari Tamura, PhD
Former Representative Director, Executive Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Astellas Pharma, Inc.